JETMINT -Help innovation get off the ground, fast and secure

Jetmint is a project funding platform that is distributed, community driven, and ever-growing.

It brings projects and people together, to fast-track innovation to execution.

Fast and Secure Project Investments

An infrastructure that could be utilized by any individual or organization, to connect projects, investors, developers with low cost yet highly efficient project funding service to realize unlimited potentials.

  • - end to end project evaluation and progress tracking
  • - open source platform for further customization.
  • - free access to Stellar network.
  • - facilities for low-cost crypto-asset exchange listing
  • - easy to setup cross-chain access
  • - means and tools for needs of all parties
  • - the foundation for the next generation blockchain

Open and Transparent Project Fundraising

  • Independent Development

    Act as the tool and platform for project owners to present their innovative ideas. As in any other open source project, community developers are also free to create new tools and bring in new ideas for the growth of Jetmint.

  • Mutual Benefit

    Connect investors, project founders and developers around the globe. To reduce the overhead of project funding and project showcase for all participants.

  • Free Access

    Allow all of your crypto assets, at no registration and promotion cost, exchange freely on the global crypto-asset trading market via Stellar network.

The next generation of token asset management


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