Jetmint is a community based, distributed, decentralized and growing digital asset investment eco-system.

It is affordable, user-friendly, secure and efficient. Jetmint focuses on providing

infrastructure for token asset innovation and investment.

  • Network

    Based on the ideology of decentralized token asset innovation and investment, Jetmint adds effective inspiriting mechanism out of intelligent contract. The technology is open-sourced to all communities, which means it can be used by developers for free.

  • Architecture

    It is a distributed structure that consists of application layer, medium layer and core layer.

    Application layer: Various applications can be set up on the layer. It helps you make use of the basement logics and access Jetmint and other network simply.

    Medium layer: It is on top of the core layer. A serial of application development tools are included. It also prepares SDK for creating other applications.

    Core layer: The basic network is formed by core servers. Each core maintains a local copy of the ledger. All cores keep their copies synchronized.

  • Commercial Model

    Jetmint establishes a non-profit organization--XYZ Foundation. Jetmint devotes itself to give develop enthusiasts more basic tools. Multiple optimal innovations will access into Jetmint eco-system. The innovation and investment mechanism is improved accordingly. Therefore, Jetmint network is used by everyone for free. The operation cost comes from 15% XYZ which is reserved for XYZ Fundation.


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