Jetmint is an infrastructure that could be utilized by any individual or organization, to connect projects, investors, developers

with low cost yet highly efficient project funding service to realize unlimited potentials.

Ecosystem is a combining process of Jetmint with all industries, organizations, individuals.

It is a value exhibition process on blockchain for individual values.


Token Asset Project Hatching

Project, of different sectors, financing was always difficult and time consuming. Commercial application, organization flowing, individual values can be set on blockchain.

  • Token Investment

    Traditional funding sources fund against collateral/assets with complex layers. Here the early investors can connect fundraisers directly.

  • Partner Development

    Cost of infrastructures, match makings, developments takes away the focus of project delivery. So, token asset innovation and investment infrastructures are prepared for ones in area of blockchain investment and fundraising.

  • Value Exchange

    As the axis of cross-chain exchanges, Jetmint is the true foundation of providing free flow of token value crossing different chain trades.

  • Use Cases

    The ecosystem ( based on Jetmint has already online. It is a token asset investment and fundraising platform.


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