• Founder&CEO  Liu Heming

    Co-Founder of RenderG, who is a consecutive entrepreneur and an experienced blockchain investor.

  • CTO  Neo

    An expert in finance, as well as programming language research and development. An experienced architect of various types of system.

  • Chief Ecological Designer  Zhang Nan

    An experienced architect of blockchain.

  • Chief Architect  Qin Shumao

    An experienced developer on blockchain and a blockchain architect.

  • COO  Wang Yu

    An early investor of Stellar and a PhD in computer science.

  • Senior Technical Adviser  Cheng Kuan

    Master of Tsinghua University, as well as an early Stellar evangelist, judger of Stellar Development Challenge, and CTO of Ledger.

  • Senior Technical Adviser  Huang Yuhao

    A Doctor in Mathematics of Berkeley, who is the founder of Ripplecn gateway, and the first man for spreading Ripple in China.


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