XYZ is issued by Jetmint on Stellar network with a total amount of 100 billion. It will be migrated to Jetmint network later.

XYZ Allocation Plan

  • Functional Part

    XYZ would be our de facto standard calculation unit for any features hosted on the platform, including but not limited to any operation cost required. Also, service payment would be based on Jetmint tokens.

  • Expectation

    XYZ are here to help filling the gaps of value expectation between project initiator and investor. Like any other market related to value exchange, direct conversion of investor’s offer and project’s demand is not as strict forward as people would think.

  • More

    In addition to the basic functional roles on the platform, XYZ are part of the Stellar network, which means we would able to offer more beyond Jetmint platform in the future.


  • Bonus

    XYZ Foundation will grant its profit to XYZ holders according to the position ratio, and community members.

  • Developer Award

    Developer training courses and competitions will be launched gradually. XYZ will be used for encouraging and rewarding to the active and excellent participants. Then more creative developers will be attracted.


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